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At Interiors Reborn, we believe your home should reflect YOU, no matter what your budget or style. Most people though don't really know what their preferred style or design is that matches their personality and represents their definition of the perfect abode. So instead of going through a million pictures to find your taste, lets make this easy and structured. 


See below for a list of the top trending Design Styles and find the one that's perfect for you. Making this choice then allows us to cater all our design options in the style you are bound to be excited about 


In modern style home you like your environment to be structured and organized. This style is defined by its lack of chaos and clutter; it focuses on the more essential aspects of the home rather than trying to crowd it with accessories. Therefore, this is a perfect match. Modern homes provide a very sleek and simple atmosphere


Luxe fabrics, metallics, and crystals pull it all together for you. Livable luxury. Soft lines, rich wood, luxurious fabrics, and ornate furnishings elevate your space into a classy but super comfortable place. you’re bold, stylish, and have a bit of a dramatic side, glam emphasizes statement pieces and toying with the idea of elegant, over-the-top accents and focal points


Peace, love, and patterns. You love vibrant colors, layered textures, and ornate embellishments. Bohemian styles are mostly known for using rich patterns and vibrant colors.There are endless potential combinations with boho style, so you can find something that truly fits your personality. It’s also easy to rearrange and mix things up when you’re in need of a change


Simplicity is your secret to a classic life. You love clean lines, plush fabrics and handcrafted things. You get really excited about functional storage solutions and cozy vibes. An aesthetic marked by minimalism and functionality


Exposed brick and stone, smooth metals and muted colors add chic, modern style with masculine undertones. An industrial style home is a great option for the practical, straight-forward though you’ll see that there’s really a focus on furniture and accessories that are functional and efficient. These aspects are far more important than being flashy and decorative.


You’re excitable, love a challenge, and are known to definitely break some rules in order to be your most authentic self. Eclectic decor is well-known for incorporating contrasting elements throughout each room in order to make a statement, while still creating a cohesive style


When it comes to style, you’re a real natural. You feel grounded at home when surrounded by raw wood, leather fabrics, and warm earthy tones.


You’re spontaneous, lively, and enjoy being flexible with your life. This style is most noted for its bold colors, large patterns, and unique vintage flair accessories. Many retro rooms feel exciting and unconventional. You want a space that doesn’t reflect boredom or stagnancy

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