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How to do Bedroom interiors

Take your bedroom from dull to beautiful with the simple and encouraging advice:

Colour Is Key:

Always start by choosing a colour for the bedroom. Decide on the mood or tone you want to set in the bedroom, then choose a colour that reflects that feeling. Don't be afraid of strong colour, But if you prefer neutral walls, choose one accent wall in your bedroom on which to add colour, even if it's with wallpaper. Or, simply add colour by painting an old piece of furniture in your bedroom a fun colour, a pop of colour by painting the ceiling."

Clear the Clutter:

Decorators also advise that clutter disturbs the relaxing or romantic vibe. An uncluttered room helps you instantly feel calmer when walking into a bedroom. I urge clients to reduce clutter that naturally finds its way onto bedroom furniture. A bedroom filled with lots of small objects makes the eye dart around the room. “One large item on a chest of drawer, bookcase, or table makes a bedroom visually more relaxing. I like to bring in large headboards into a bedroom. “Having a headboard that nearly reaches the ceiling makes a bedroom feel grand and luxurious.” You wouldn't need many more decorative items in a bedroom when the focus is on the headboard.

Selecting an Upholstered Headboard:

Many designer bedrooms have big, beautiful upholstered headboards as a key design element. That's because it's an easy way to create focus, depth, and texture in the room. Use these tips when selecting a plush headboard:

- Go for a tufted headboard for maximum texture.

- A headboard covered in velvet adds an opulent and classy look.

- For flexibility, choose a neutral hue for your headboard so it'll work with any colour bedding.

Little Things Count:

Keep your bedding a solid colour, preferably white or brown. "But change the accent pillows and beddings with the seasons and moods". Include nature in your bedroom, "A simple orchid or a potted tree is a beautiful, purifying, and soothing touch that goes with every style of decor." 

Little things count

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