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Interiors on a budget

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Interior designing when thoughtfully-styled and artfully done it motivates, stimulates and inspires us each and every day, as well as showcases our unique personality to anyone we invite over. 

If you want to make a true reflection of your personal style, I would like to give you some useful tips for personalizing your home. #interiordesign, #tipsforinteriors

Wallpaper, Texture paint :

Wallpaper is a major resurgence in interior designing, and it’s a killer way to transform the look of your Apartment in a simple and cost-effective way. There’s a ton of super chic, rustic, contemporary removable wallpaper that can work design magic to any space.

Lighting :

Lighting carries a lot of importance in the overall interiors and vibe of the space that quickly and completely transforms your aesthetic. Lighting to a room is a cheap way to brighten up a drab space. When lighting a room, think in layers from top to bottom. 

 False ceiling lighting is a given if not lamps can provide a soft glow or task lighting, but do not neglectaccent lighting to highlight art, wall décor or any sculpture. 


Rugs instantly warm up interior space and is also a killer way to showcase your personality. Rugs have a knack for tying a design together, so whether you’re adding a rug where there wasn’t one or swapping yours out for a new one, it's a no-fail way to infuse your look with new life. Anding the beauty of this idea is that there are endless varieties to choose from that will add warmth and intrigue to your look while some monochrome colour rugs bring definition to space so find one that's perfectly suited to your style sensibility.  Sometimes you can layer two rugs for a trendy touch in bedrooms. IKEA is best known for its cheap, assemble-it-yourself furniture, but it has a great rug selection — no assembly required! 

These rugs are very affordable and offer a mix of traditional and trendy designs to suit many different apartments. 

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